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Dr. Kochin came through for his creator a second time fifty years later when he gathered the Dragon Balls and wished for Shenron to thaw the ice-enshrouded fortress. Freed from his frozen sleep, Dr. Wheelo became obsessed with finding the world's strongest man so that his own brain might be transplanted into it. He sent Kochin and Bio-Men to find this man, and at first they thought it was Master Roshi, but when Kishime, Misokatsun and Ebifurya (his Bio-Warriors) easily beat Roshi, Dr. Wheelo started to doubt they had the right person. He then went after Goku's body. When Dr. Wheelo's further attempts to subdue Goku met with failure (such as using a special device to make Piccolo fight Goku and Gohan), the enraged scientist decided to kill him and all his friends. When that also failed, Dr. Wheelo decided to just concentrate the energy contained within his laboratory's power core to fire a gigantic wave and destroy the entire world. Goku was able to form a Spirit Bomb and used it to overpower Dr. Wheelo's attack and destroy the robotic scientist for good. Dr. Wheelo also appears on the Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn poster, but he is not featured in the movie.

25-year-old Khan Baba, who comes from a wealthy family, says his body started developing abruptly when he turned 18, and he has been growing ever since. Instead of worrying about his growing weight, he decided to bulk up even more by adopting a high-calorie diet. He claims to consume over 10,000 calories a day, including 36 eggs for breakfast, four chickens, three kilograms of red meat and five liters of milk. Standing at 6ft 3in tall, Khan claims that his massive weight – nearly have a tonne – hasn’t caused him any health problems so far. “I don’t have any disease nor do I feel uncomfortable with my weight,” he said.

World strongest man use steroids

world strongest man use steroids


world strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroids