Ufc steroids policy

The extent to which the otherwise applicable period of Ineligibility and other Consequences imposed may be suspended shall be based on the seriousness of the Anti-Doping Policy Violation committed by the Athlete or other Person and the significance of the Substantial Assistance provided by the Athlete or other Person to the effort to eliminate doping in sport. If the Athlete or other Person fails to continue to cooperate and to provide the complete and credible Substantial Assistance upon which a suspension of the period of Ineligibility or other Consequences was based, USADA shall reinstate the original period of Ineligibility and other Consequences.

On the night of Silva’s first title defense on 7 July 2007, the co-main event featured a UFC lightweight title contest between Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca. Both fighters tested positive for anabolic steroids. The following year Silva stepped up in weight to meet James Irvin, who had methadone and oxymorphone in his system, and later admitted to struggling with addiction. On 8 August 2009, Silva against moved up in weight and knocked out Forrest Griffin, who tested positive after taking Xanax the night before the fight. Most famously, after Silva’s 7 August 2010, defense against Chael Sonnen, the challenger was caught with an abnormally high testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio, beginning the testosterone-replacement therapy saga that plagued MMA until the NAC outlawed the treatment in February 2014. Two years later, Silva stopped Stephan Bonnar in the opening round. It was then revealed that Bonnar, who sits with Griffin in the UFC’s Hall of Fame, had Drostanolone in his system.

I see where your coming from but most other fighters were cheaters too so it was nearly a level playing field. Jon is a very well rounded fighter, but i wanted to see him against heavyweights with a reach similar to his to see how he went against them. Gus gave him massive problems with a similar reach and a lot of jons strikes are based on using his reach which is smart but doesn’t necessarily mean he is the best “skilled” fighter because of his natural physique. I personally beleive jones has been cheating for years and would question if he would have won the gus fight and the first DC fight as he came strong late in the fight which im sure his juicing would have aided.

Ufc steroids policy

ufc steroids policy


ufc steroids policyufc steroids policyufc steroids policyufc steroids policyufc steroids policy