Steroids numbness and tingling

The second area is the ear itself.  The nerve (the greater auricular nerve) that provides sensation for the ear starts in the mid-neck over the large muscle called the sternocleidomastoid muscle.  In elevating the skin over the area of this nerve, it can be “bruised” so to speak.  Nerves are extremely delicate and even the lightest brushing against them can cause them to “go to sleep”, even though it has not been cut.  In this case, it can result in temporary numbness of the ear itself, but will recover if truly not cut.  This type of nerve can take up to 18 months to recover, but in most instances is much quicker than that.

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Steroids numbness and tingling

steroids numbness and tingling


steroids numbness and tinglingsteroids numbness and tinglingsteroids numbness and tinglingsteroids numbness and tinglingsteroids numbness and tingling