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Jen should be an example of showing women when you come into a relationship know what you want and stand by that shit. Otherwise you would waste all your precious twenties on a nigga that “need space,” by the time you’re 30 lol…I can’t with these niggas. I do liked how she ready to move on swiftly though and looking good doing it.
Ryan is trying to save face and throwing Kat underneath the bus. He’s mixing lies with truth. I don’t think they fucked in that bathroom but something definitely happened. Ryan is definitely a fuck-boy trying be a good guy *in my Tasha voice*
I like Lily’s and Juniors relationship and he seems like he genuinely likes her and it isn’t for TV.

Back in New York, I joined the Midtown Y and fell in with a crew of hard-hat bruisers – vice cops and garbagemen in chalk-smudged Speedos and calf-high wrestling boots. I thought they were giants until the day in June when the real size kings walked in. Two of them, Tommy and Spiro, had chiseled trunks and the complicated, quasi-Cubist planes that give away hardcore juicers. But it was the third one, a mocha-skinned guy named Angel, that I couldn't pry my gaze off. When he doffed his Puma jacket and burned through upright rows, I saw the kind of vascular, strand-on-strand rhomboids you find in Da Vinci studies. There was art in what he did and art in what he made: muscle from a fourth dimension. I gathered my flimsy nerve and said hello.

Mr steroid t shirt

mr steroid t shirt


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