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Bioxcin is an anti hair loss shampoo produced by a Turkish company, of bioxcin has been sold in Turkey but still there are too many bald men unfortunately 🙂
ingredient is not known by someone else : hidden 🙂
They say : bioxcin consist of BIOCOMPLEX B11 but really noone knows what it is !!!
Bioxcin is an advertisement champion , thats all. it is not a quality shampoo , believe me . it did not use to have SLS inside but now all bioxcin , bioxcin forte , bioxcin genesis consist of SLS.
Revita and revivogen is obviously my favorite shampoo .

However, we know very little about Omega-6 and the ‘pro-inflammatory’ eicosanoids, and more specifically when the group 2 prostaglandins are a bad inflammatory, or a good inflammatory. Obviously, we need inflammatory processes, it’s only when we enter a chronic inflammatory state, that these are potentially bad news. Then of course, we have Swiss Temple’s theory, which overcame an evil group 2 prostaglandin, with another pro-inflammatory prostaglandin (a vast oversimplification I know, but that’s the general gist). So the story is far from simple with a variety of feedforward and feedback loops within the Group 2 eicosanoids, interleukins etc then there are crossed effects from the group 1 and Group 3 eicosanoids, which are typically inhibitory to the Group 2s, and countless other interactions with other fatty acids, let alone other molecules found in each cell nucleus. So it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibilities…..

Low dht conversion steroids

low dht conversion steroids


low dht conversion steroidslow dht conversion steroidslow dht conversion steroidslow dht conversion steroidslow dht conversion steroids