Keloid steroid injection success

Another issue with usage of intra-lesional steroids is the size, length and thickness of the needle used to inject the keloid lesions. Some physicians falsely believe that a large and thick needle should be used to inject large keloid lesions. This belief comes from the fact that injecting some old and dense keloid lesions is a rather difficult task. In treating keloid lesions, the smaller and thinner the needle is, the less damage it causes to the keloid tissue. Dr. Tirgan only uses the smallest and thinnest needles, those that are used to inject insulin under the skin. With this method, Dr. Tirgan is able to inject any keloid.

Cost for keloid scar removal varies from patient to patient and is dependent upon the size(s) and location(s) on the body. Some patients may have one small ear keloid while other patients have numerous keloids. Some have scars, which are quite large, disfiguring and painful on either their face or body, or both. When consulting with Dr. Slupchynskyj, he will examine all keloids carefully; review your medical history as well as any previous treatment with another doctor. All scar treatment options will be discussed. Pre- and post-operative plans will be reviewed in depth. Following your consultation, a specific fee based upon your unique needs will be discussed.

Keloid steroid injection success

keloid steroid injection success


keloid steroid injection successkeloid steroid injection successkeloid steroid injection successkeloid steroid injection successkeloid steroid injection success