Ifbb fitness steroids

Did Munzer's death serve a purpose? Well, if looked at closely, it didn't even make a dent. Steroids are now not only limited to pros. Regular dudes going to local gyms are shooting injections on the regular. There's still a lot of misinformation on steroid use out there. The pros are only getting insanely bigger every year. In fact, the world of steroids has only gotten more advanced with time. Whether to stick in a needle into your body or not, is completely your choice. And if you need to know what it will do to your body, read this article again.

Lastly, the writer stresses the fact that correct supplementation is a must in order have optimal health while on a cycle. Anyone taking a continued dosage of steroids will likely face the ramifications, namely some liver and kidney imbalances. Is this a worthy sacrifice in order to compete on a pro level and dedicate yourself to what you love? That’s for the individual to decide. But according to this anonymous bodybuilder – the health ramifications are not a lie… just maybe not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Training I Believe in the Max-OT (Maximum Overload Training) principles that I learned from Paul Delia, owner of AST Sports Science. Max-OT is a low volume, high intensity approach to stimulate muscle growth. I use basic free weight movements with heavy weight and low reps. I stay in a 4 to 6 rep range on my movements. If I can get more than 6 reps, the weight is too light. I also believe in a low number of total sets per body part and that each body part should be worked only once per week. This is consistent with the Max-OT philosophy in that recovery is a key element in the muscle growth equation. To learn more about Max-OT Training check out my Training DVDs . Nutrition Your workouts are merely the stimulus and it is what you do when you leave the gym that will directly impact the degree of your results. I believe that the cornerstone of a good nutritional plan is quality protein. Consistently supplying yourself with protein every 2 to hours keeps your body in an environment that is conducive to muscular growth. I emphasize protein because I feel that it is the key ingredient. Protein builds muscle. A person who is training intensely will have a higher protein requirement than a sedentary individual. Post-workout nutrition is essential for maximizing gains. I follow the post-workout nutritional plan outlined by AST Sports Science Director of Research Paul Cribb. To learn how to develop the perfect nutrition plan check out my Nutrition Seminar DVD and the Lost Logs: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Totally Shredded .

Ifbb fitness steroids

ifbb fitness steroids


ifbb fitness steroidsifbb fitness steroidsifbb fitness steroidsifbb fitness steroidsifbb fitness steroids