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Quercetin niacin co_crystals are a whole new ingredient. Everyone knows about quercetin and niacin but quercetin has very poor oral bioavailability and niacin causes severe flushing at decent doses. Bonding the molecules together increases the absorption of Quercetin many times over and prevents the Niacin flush. Quercetin has been mentioned for everything from endurance and an increase in VO2 Max to fat loss to its strong antioxidant effect, however, for our purpose we added it specifically for its ability to increase the absorption of our other ingredients. Specifically, epicatechin. Its as just an added bonus.

There are plenty of individual ingredients such as citrulline, betaine, beta alanine, LCLT etc. that you could incorporate on a regular basis that can help improve workouts and recovery from them. If you are looking for that something extra Phosphatidic Acid has some good data showing it's effectiveness ( http:///content/10/S1/P13 ). It is available in a few supplements, the cheapest way to obtain it is to consume soy lecithin granules since that is what the PA is derived from. If you want it from a supplement Cutler Nutrition King is the cheapest of them.

Follidrone anabolicminds

follidrone anabolicminds


follidrone anabolicmindsfollidrone anabolicmindsfollidrone anabolicminds