Failed a military steroid test

They will have to test for steroids specifically. Your commander will have to request it. Only way he/she would do that is if you blew up real quick and threw up red flags for yourself. I've done steroids in the military and know of others. I have seen guys get popped in Iraq for using. They all blew the hell up in no time walking around acting like douche bags and the wrong person saw it. There rooms were tossed without notice and there the stashes were. They all were tested and of course all of them were hot. Their military careers were tarnished. So what I'm saying is if you want to do it just be smart about it. Be discreet, don't tell anyone shit. Make slow moderate gains and you will be ok.

But if they took 15 mg of Dianabol a day for five weeks -- Mix says it might have been three weeks, Shea says six -- it could have given them an advantage, especially if none of their opponents was using. Victor Conte, the BALCO mastermind, says a cycle of that size and length could have given them benefits for "four months or longer." But Charles Yesalis, professor emeritus of health policy and administration at Penn State University and a leading expert on doping, says such doses of Dianabol might have given the players a boost for only up to two months.

This is a great question that, unfortunately, cannot be answered in just a couple hundred words. There are important issues that focus on educating one's self prior to embarking on such a course of action, particularly the downsides of using steroids – the side effects, the proliferation of fake gear, getting off of them, getting blood work done, etc. And, the fact that buying, selling and transporting them is (in America) still a felony, not to mention banned by all sports federations. All very important salient issues that require a lot of space to do justice.

Failed a military steroid test

failed a military steroid test


failed a military steroid testfailed a military steroid testfailed a military steroid testfailed a military steroid testfailed a military steroid test