Do employment drug screens test steroids

A: Innocent people do have something to hide: their private life. The "right to be left alone" is, in the words of the late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, "the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men." Analysis of a person's urine can disclose many details about that person's private life other than drug use. It can tell an employer whether an employee or job applicant is being treated for a heart condition, depression, epilepsy or diabetes. It can also reveal whether an employee is pregnant. This can affect one's chances of getting hired or not.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the turnaround time for a test result? A: Most normal negative test results are reported within 24 hours from the time the specimen reached the laboratory. Positive or abnormal tests take a few days longer due to the confirmation and verification process.   Q: How much do the test supplies cost? A: All conventional test supplies are free of charge. This includes the chain of custody form, sample kits, air bills, and lab packs for shipping.   Q: What are the options for receiving results? A: NTA, Inc. currently provides five means of receiving test results: by mail, phone call, fax, web, or email   Q: How do I find a collection site? A: NTA, Inc. has a list of over 19,000 collection sites all over America for our clients' convenience. If there is not currently a facility in your area, we will help find a location for you.   Q: How do I know that a positive result can be trusted? A: Laboratory testing procedures require the specimen to undergo an initial screening that uses a standard cut off level. If a specimen is found to have a higher concentration of the drug than the initial cut off level, it undergoes further testing to detect exact levels of the substance. Q: My employee says that she was at a party where other people were smoking pot but she wasn't. Will passive smoke make you test positive? A: The lab cut off numbers are set at a level of concentration high enough to ensure that passive smoke will not cause a positive result. Yes, she may have some level of the drug in her system, but for someone to test positive from passive smoke, they would have to be locked in a room the size of a phone booth with 5-6 people smoking marijuana for 4 hours continuously. Passive inhalation will not make you test positive.

Do employment drug screens test steroids

do employment drug screens test steroids


do employment drug screens test steroidsdo employment drug screens test steroidsdo employment drug screens test steroidsdo employment drug screens test steroidsdo employment drug screens test steroids