Bull mentula steroidit

Obviously, the comparisons to The Thing started pouring in, along with other hilarious comments, but there were those who offered a possible explanation for his bizarre look. A rich vascularity in the scalp was one of the possible causes, but the  most plausible one is that Jari Mentula must be suffering from an incurable condition known as Cutis Verticis Gyrata, usually associated with the thickening of the scalp. According to Wikipedia “sufferers show visible folds, ridges or creases on the surface of the top of the scalp.   The number of folds can vary from 2 to roughly 10 and are typically soft and spongy. These folds cannot be corrected with pressure. The condition typically affects the central and rear regions of the scalp, but sometimes can involve the entire scalp.”

Futuō , unlike "fuck", was more frequently used in erotic and celebratory senses rather than derogatory ones or insults. A woman of Pompeii wrote the graffito fututa sum hic ("I got laid here") and prostitutes , canny at marketing , appear to have written other graffiti complimenting their customers for their sexual prowess: Felix bene futuis ("Lucky boy, you fuck well"); Victor bene valeas qui bene futuis ("Victorious, best wishes to one who has fucked well"), with futuis corresponding to classical futuisti . It is famously used erotically in Catullus 32 :

Bull mentula steroidit

bull mentula steroidit