Baby conceived while on steroids

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I am so very happy for you Janet and I pray you will have a safe and secure pregnancy. I am having my youngest at 50 also and I believe God is going to see us threw and we will have a health pregnancy because of the promises of Christ on the cross. I believe his blood was shed for the hedge of protection he promises us. I believe he is a God that do not lie and watches over his word to preform it. Janet when I was 42 years old I had a daughter that was promised to me even after two miscarriages, she is here and now 8yrs old and very intelligent. God told me just like he promise Abraham, Isaac and he was born fully functional with every thing he needed and more. That is the same thing he told me about my daughter. Janet I bless you and this pregnancy with the Riches of God Grace and Mercy for all you need to take you threw this pregnancy and the years of blessing with this new beginning in your life… I Love you since the days of Penny….

Hi Elle! Thanks for your comment and question! I was one of the lucky ones, in that all my pregnancies were with my own eggs. No medical / scientific interventions at all. I struggled to conceive our third son and so underwent a series of tests to check on the viability of my eggs. I was super relieved and excited to learn that they were still viable. Having said all this, I do believe that had I not been as lucky as I have been, I would have opted for assistance through IVF or egg donation. My drive to be a mother was and is so strong, I would have stopped at nothing to make the dream a reality. I just want to add that I hope the very best for you, and please don’t be too hard on yourself. We make our decisions and choices at the time with the information we have available to us at that time. Hind sight is tough to live with. All the best to you on your journey! It’s not too late!

Baby conceived while on steroids

baby conceived while on steroids


baby conceived while on steroidsbaby conceived while on steroidsbaby conceived while on steroidsbaby conceived while on steroidsbaby conceived while on steroids