Adverse effects of steroids on dogs

I was diagnosed with tachycardia at age 19, I’m now almost 27. Every single time I smoke regular marijuana, it increases my heart rate to at least 130 bpm. I cannot smoke kush, what most people call loud, at all. I took 3 hits of kush, and my heartbeat was over 200 bpm, which resulted in a full blown panic attack. I laid in bed and cried with my fiance holding for an hour, because I truly felt like that was it for Me. I was convinced that I was having a heart attack. Every time I smoke my hearts races, I get short of breath, lightheaded, and start to feel faint, unless I lie down. It is very upsetting. But then again, with nothing in my system, I can barely do laundry without getting out of breath and my heart racing. Doctor said my tachycardia is not severe enough to treat with medication. If it gets any worse, I fear it will be too late for medicine!

Anxiety, gut problems and allergies very often go hand in hand and can be very distressing. Often the root cause of the problem can be found in a damaged gut flora and a weakened gut lining which disturbs the immune system. Research has shown that probiotics has been very beneficial for those suffering from different kinds of allergies and intolerances. Serious probiotics adverse effects are extremely rare. A study in Jan 2013 showed that 8 weeks of eating probiotics decreased the level of allergic markers in the body. That study dealt with pollen allergy but the same applies to many other allergies. The study reported no side effects whatsoever. Many other studies show similar results with probiotics for allergies, depression, inflammation and gut problems. That includes basically all symptoms that you mention. One reason why probiotics works so well for all those symptoms is that the root cause is a damaged/abnormal gut causing a chain reaction that can results in many different symptoms.

Adverse effects of steroids on dogs

adverse effects of steroids on dogs


adverse effects of steroids on dogsadverse effects of steroids on dogsadverse effects of steroids on dogsadverse effects of steroids on dogsadverse effects of steroids on dogs